1. Research

The first thing I do when I receive a new project is looking for references. I write down new ideas and download images that could be useful in the future. That way I decide the look and feel it's going to have.

2. Design

I write a script or brief and I describe what's going to be seen in each part of it. After this structure is approved by the client, I make a draft version to guide me along the creation process.

3. Setting-up

The time has come to cut the recorded takes, correct color, set nodes, add keyframes, search for images, find the perfect music, and follow it's rhythm to create a dynamic audiovisual piece.

About me...

Hi, my name is Daniela and I'm from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating in 2014 as an Audiovisual Designer, I started working as a Video Editor and Motion Designer. Recently, I got into the world of Illustration and graphic design, which fascinate me and connect me with the artist I once was as a little girl.

Throughout my professional journey, I had the privilege of working with various agencies in Argentina, Chile, the United States and Spain, and creating content for renowned clients. During this time I was surrounded by incredibly talented graphic designers, illustrators, producers and fellow Video Editors/Motion Designers, which has been a constant source of inspiration and learning for me.

Outside of the pixel world, I enjoy spending time with my large family, drinking coffee with my friends, watching costume films and dancing Brazilian music.


It was a pleasure working with Daniela. She helped me with audiovisual content for a personal project. The results were amazing! She’s a very detailed oriented person, and super proactive. In addition to an amazing person. I’d totally recommend working with Daniela, not only for her skills in design but for the extraordinary human she is!

Tiffany Del Aguila - Head of Accounts | Ex-Google and Tik-Tok


I worked with Daniela in my role as Communications Analyst at Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, where the Cities, Climate and Energy program was running an energy efficiency initiative, TopTen Argentina. Daniela developed a comprehensive video to promote the platform, from editing and animation to voice-over, which we used for several months and was very useful. I would also like to highlight her excellent predisposition and speed in solving problems. A great professional, whose services I recommend.

Leonel Roget - Naturalist


Daniela is an excellent professional, with pro-activity and great teamwork. Great person and I have the pleasure to work with her and see every day her effort and dedication in what she does.

Nicolas Cravena - Multimedia Designer at Swiss Medical Group

Some of the companies I've collaborated with


  • If you’d like to work together, ask about my experience or just say hi, please drop me a line :)
  • City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • contact@dhaza.com